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Getting Started

First steps

Welcome to Pipettin Bot project! Ready to enter the world of automation?

In this page you will find general guidelines on how to get started.

  • Quick links to access to some relevant guides and development pages
  • List of providers to buy Pipettin Bot
  • List of pages to start installing your Pipettin Bot
  • List of pages to start building your Pipettin Bot

Firstly, you might be wondering what kind of information this wiki contains or where to find it. You may have some questions like:

  • Why have I arrived here?
  • What do I want to read and learn about?
  • What specific knowledge am I in search of?

To address those questions, we came up with what aims to be a content table for this wiki, outlining the most relevant pages.


Take a close look to the Contribution Guide if you are seeking support, aiming to contribute to the project or just wishing to get in touch with us!

Project definition and overview, scope, audience, licensing, communication channels, donations & funding and directions to more specialized documentation.


Intended usage instructions, alternate usage modalities, instructions to access and use the GUI in general and usage restrictions (related to design rationale, functional specification and working principle items).

Instructions for connecting electronic hardware, configuring settings, calibrating devices, troubleshooting common issues, and addressing advanced configurations if applicable. Software and Firmware information. End-stop adjustments. GRBL/CNC configuration. Network setup. Frimware/OS burning section.

Required maintenance operations, frequency, tested replacement parts and alternatives. List of maintenance service providers. Troubleshooting known problems and repairing common failures.

Instructions to calibrate the robot's CNC axes, coordinate system. Instructions to calibrate micropipettes (volumetric and tip placement). Instructions to calibrate new platforms, slots, tools, and the tool-changer.

Complete description of assembly steps, parts, and of required knowledge, number of people, skills, time, and tools. BOM and shopping list.

Complete description of installation steps and required knowledge. Installation of software (e.g. OS, compilation, dependencies, drivers, etc.) and hardware (e.g. location requirements, operating conditions, etc.).

List of possible contributions for the project: donations and investments, beta testing, feature development, interoperability opportunities, reporting issues. Complete description of how to get involved. Types of contributions and contributors


Technical overview of the main parts of the robot: mechanics, control electronics and CNC firmware, main computer and controller software, web interface for users. Technical capabilities of the robot and its tools. Capabilities for lab automation.

Description of the overall design rationale. List of the main design choices and implications (e.g. functional compromises). Minimal explanation of the working principles.

Development flow: how to proceed to develop something new for the project. Development roadmap, issue trackers, communication channels. Suggested development tools (e.g. IDEs, EDA, or CAD software), file formats, and development guidelines. Specifications of the internal and external hardware and software interfaces.

Source files for: hardware designs, firmware and software. Licensing terms.

What we do and how. Information regarding how me work, part labeling, technical drawings, procedures, mechanics, etc.


Information about the current status of each page is available on the Wiki Roadmap

Buy a Pipettin Bot

This is an exhaustive list of providers:

Install your Pipettin Bot

Do you want to get Pipettin'?

  • Visit the Installation Guide to install the robot in your lab, install and configure its software, and start the GUI.
  • Visit the Calibration Guide to calibrate de bots tools and platforms.
  • Visit the Usage Guide to access to the GUI.

Build your Pipettin Bot

Do you want to build Pipettin bot from scratch?

  • Visit the BOM to learn what parts you need.
  • Check the Technical Overview for a quick but effective overview of Pipettin bots mechanics, electronics, and software.
  • Visit the Assembly Guide to access to a step-by-step guide on how to assemble Pipettin bot.