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Please check the server rules first. :)

In this page you will find general guidelines to contribute to the project

You can find places and methods for contributing that match with different types of audiences.

If you find yourself not fitting into any particular audience category, refer to the list below to explore how you can still engage and participate.

Types of contributors

General Audience

The general audience consists of individuals who have an interest in the field of robotics, automation, or sciences but may not have specific technical expertise.

They help spread awareness about the Pipettin Bot project by sharing it on social media, participating in community discussions, and promoting the open-source nature of the project. They can also provide valuable feedback, suggestions, and ideas to improve the accessibility and usability of the documentation and the Pipettin Bot itself.

  • If you are new to the realm of automation and require assistance or feedback on an issue, please visit here: Beginners corner
  • To make suggestions or ideas to improve Pipettin Bot, visit here: Suggestions


Users are individuals who have experience working with pipetting robots or similar equipment and can provide practical insights from a users perspective.

They can test and validate the Pipettin Bots functionality based on the provided documentation, reporting any issues they encounter. They can also propose improvements or new features that would enhance the bots usability in real-world applications.

  • To report any issue, please visit here: Support forum
  • If you want to propose improvements or new features, visit here: Suggestions
  • To provide feedback on the hardware components visit here: Feedback


Technicians are skilled professionals with expertise in robotics, automation, or hardware development who provide support for installation, assemblage, etc.

They can contribute by reviewing the technical specifications and design of the Pipettin Bot, providing feedback on the hardware components, and suggesting optimizations for performance and reliability. They may also offer troubleshooting assistance and share their technical knowledge in the project's community forums.

  • To suggest optimizations for performance and reliability, visit here: Suggestions

Makers & Developers

Makers and Developers are individuals with hands-on experience in building hardware projects, such as DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, and software developers.

They can actively participate in the open-source development of the Pipettin Bot by submitting bug fixes, creating new software features, or adapting the project to work with its parts, to a new use case.

Visit the Technical Overview page for further information.

  • To report issues or bugs, please visit here: GitLab repositories
  • To discuss new features please visit here: Development
  • To submit code contributions, create new software features, or adapt the project to work with different platforms please visit here: GitLab repositories

Institutions, Businesses & Investors

Institutions include universities, research labs, and educational organizations interested in using or supporting the Pipettin Bot.

They can contribute by integrating the Pipettin Bot into their research projects and providing valuable feedback on its performance and usability. They may also allocate resources and funding to support the project's development and help extend its reach to a broader audience.

Businesses may encompass biotech companies, pharmaceuticals, or any organization with an interest in laboratory automation.

They can contribute by sponsoring the Pipettin Bot project, providing resources or materials, and partnering with the development team to explore potential commercial applications of the technology. Their support can accelerate the project's progress and make it more accessible to a wider market.

Investors are individuals or entities interested in supporting promising technological projects for potential financial or societal returns.

They can support the Pipettin Bot project by providing funding or venture capital, which can be used to hire additional developers, improve documentation, and facilitate further research and development. In return, they may gain equity in the project or benefit from its successful adoption in various fields.

  • To provide funding to support the project's development please visit here: Liberapay
  • To get in touch with us, please do it through our email: Email


Translators are individuals proficient in both Spanish and English, possessing strong linguistic skills to accurately convey information between the two languages.

They play a vital role in making the Pipettin Bot project accessible to a broader global audience. They can contribute by translating the project's documentation, website content, and user guides from Spanish to English, and vice versa. This enables English-speaking users and contributors to understand and engage with the project, and it facilitates collaboration with the English-speaking community.

Additionally, translators can help bridge the language barrier in communication channels, such as forums and chat groups, ensuring that participants from both language backgrounds can interact effectively and exchange knowledge seamlessly.

  • To contribute in the field of translation please visit here: Documentation

Types of contributions

  • If you recognize a problem but you're unsure of how to solve it, visit here: Support forum
  • If you want to get support or provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas to improve any aspect of Pipettin Bot project, but may not have specific technical expertise, visit here: Beginners corner
  • If you want to submit feedback, please visit here: Feedback
  • If you want to contribute by submitting code contributions, creating new software features, or adapting the project to work with different platforms, visit here: Suggestions
  • If you encounter a bug, you can report this via the issue tracker: Support forum
  • If you have issues with something inside Pipettin Bot that is not specific to hardware. visit here: Use Case support
  • If you want to invest or contribute financially to support the project's development, visit here: Liberapay
  • If you want to contribute to Pipettin Bots documentation, visit here: Documentation
  • If you want to discuss new features, please visit here: Development
  • To get in touch with us, please visit here: Email