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Credits & Acknowledgements


Our team


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General Coordination

  • Nicolás Mendez, in collaboration with Facundo Mendez build the first version of the robot from scratch.
  • Gastón Corthey coordinates, with Nicolas, all the project areas, such as electronics, mechanics, etc.
  • Sofia Dinoia coordinates all the documentation area, and worked with all the team by guiding them on how to document specific ideas.
  • Victoria Pozzo Galdon coordinates de Mechanics team.


  • Sofia Dinoia is in charge of all the project documentation as well as the management of social networks and dissemination channels.


  • New developers from TECSCI S.A.S. and a group of developers recruited by Fiqus Coop. Zeynep Elif Tarkan, Silvina Varela, and Lucas Fernández joined the team in 2022-2023, collaborating to turn the original Pipettin into a polished product and make it available to all.
    • Zeynep Elif Tarkan (Frontend Developer) worked on many of the frontend functionalities, especially the platforms and protocols panels.
    • Silvina Varela (FullStack Developer) focused on implementing the server-side functionalities, designing and setting up the API and the database. Also responsible for setting up the project structure, and managing the overall frontend architecture.
    • Lucas Fernández (Frontend Developer) worked on various frontend functionalities, including the dashboard and the workspace form and list.
  • Pedro Rozadas helped design and conceptualize data schemas and an API module called "Newt", meant to facilitate creating protocols and decks programatically.
  • Nicolas Mendez and Facundo Mendez designed the entire database schema, conceptualization, graphic design, protocol validation, step generation, etc.


  • Franco D'Alleva, Nacho Bergara, and Malena Hidalgo are members of Pipettin Bots electronics team. They were responsible for designing and assembling Pipetting Bots electronic enclosure, writing down the instructions to setup the Raspberry Pi, configuring the CNC firmware, and handling various other crucial tasks.


  • Pipe designed an alternate version of the tool-changer, based on the GetIt printer.
  • Solomon has worked on the baseplate system, and designed a nice holder for labware.
  • Victoria Pozzo Galdon contributed to the redesign and assemlance of the linear actuator, the tool-changer, the cartesian frame structure, and the baseplate. She also worked with FreeCAD as a design tool.
  • Agustin Ferreira has worked on the design of the linear actuator system and the redesign of the Y axis carriage
  • Nicolas Vega plays a significant role, contributing extensively to the machining of vital robot components.
  • Sofía Piccardo worked on the tool-changer mechanism.



  • Bruno Serrentino employed CATIA, a versatile computer-aided design software suite, to meticulously create and design the electronic pipette of the Pipetting Bot from scratch.
  • Pedro Martínez is redesigning the pipette and has helped to develop a spectrophotometer as a valuable addition to the robot's toolkit.


  • Alejandro Metz is currently focused on developing a photocolorimeter as a tool for the robot. In the future, he plans to work with plate readers and spectrophotometers.


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